Fancy a real Italian pasta? How about a delicious spaghetti carbonara?

1.Lasagne: ... £7.60

Homemade lasagna baked in traditional romana style with bechamel & bolognese

2. Spaghetti Forza ( NEW ) : ... £7.90

Spaghetti pasta with talian sausage, peppers, basil, diced tomato,garlic and hot chilli cooked in tomato sauce.

3.Spahgetti Napoli (hot) (V): ... £7.70

Spaghetti cooked  with fresh olive oil, tomato, hot chilli and oregano...

4. Spaghetti Carbonara: ... £7.70

Spaghetti tossed with bacon, free range eggs, fresh cream and parmesan cheese...

5 Spaghetti Bolognese:  ... £7.70

Does Italy's femous dish need an explanation?

6. Penne Di Capre (V): ... £7.70

Penne pasta with mushrooms and goat cheese finished with cream and toped with parmesan shavings and fresh rockets...

7. Penne Vegeterian (V):  ... £7.70

Penne pasta cooked with onion, pepper,mushroom and garlic cooked in tomato sauce

8. Penne Asparagi con Halloumi (V) (NEW) : ... £8.30

Pasta with grilled halloumi cheese, asparagus and garlic cooked in tomato sauce with touch of cream.

9. Penne Polpette:  ... £8.30

Penne with homemade meat balls in a tangy tomato sauce...

10. Penne al Amatricana: ... £8.20

Penne in tomato sauce with spicy pepperoni and chilli...

11. Penne Pollo Pesto: ... £8.00

Short pasta tubes with chicken in a pesto sauce...

12. Penne con Filletto di Manzo: ... £9.60

Penne paste cooked with fillet, mushroom, onion, creame and touch of demi glace. on the top...

13. Penne Salmone :  ... £8.60

Penne pasta cooked with salmon, prawns touch of tomato sauce, parsley and fresh cream...

14. Risotto Pollo e Funghi: ... £8.20

Diced chicken breast, mushrooms, onions and parmesan cheese cooked with finest Italian rice...

15. Risotto Marinare: ... £8.80

Classic southern Italian rice cooked with mixed sea food. Finished with chilli, tomato, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. extra virgin olive oil.

16. Penne Mediterranian  :  ... £9.60

Penne pasta with tuna, anchovies, olives and diced tomatoes with chilli garlic, tomato sauce and extra virgin olive oil.

17. Tortellini Ripieni  :  ... £8.20

Pasta stuffed with spinach and ricotta, cooked with ham, bolognese sauce and touch of cream

18. Tortellini Malfati  (V):  ... £7.40

Pasta stuffed with spinach and ricotta topped with delicate tomato sauce.

* All our pasta dishes contains parmesan cheese!...